My expression of DID

My homework was to create an artistic expression of what it means to be and feel safe. Since I don’t paint, draw or otherwise dabble in art, I was at a loss. But then I decided to do a slide show set to music. As I began creating my “imovie art”, the piece started taking on a life of its own. I decided to finally face each “part of me” with respect and recognition. The parts of me that I know of are represented symbolically by a picture of their own choosing. This is my artistic (such as it is) expression of what DID is for me, in my perception. It is also a way for me to visualize safety, which helps with my PTSD symptoms. This may or may not speak to you, but I hope that if you take the time to watch it, you will gain something – If not for yourself, or for a loved one, then for a small understanding of how some survivors of trauma exist in this world.

Source: Youtube