My horror story with the IUD Mirena (Intracranial Hypertension, burnout, CPTSD)

Are you thinking about inserting the IUD Mirena?
Do you have Mirena inserted and are feeling horrible and want to know what can be from the IUD?

This video is for you!

In this video I talkt about my nightmare with the IUD MIRENA and a bit of background about burnout and cptsd for context. For almost 6 months of my life I lived as if I had a brain tumour and that was a side effect of MIRENA. I reached a point that I was hopeless, but luckily I listened to my body (instead of my mind) and got it out. Check out my video to find out details about it.

If you are interested only on the Mirena part, it starts at 9:30.

I am actually a fitness and mind coach, who treats the body hollistically.
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Source: Youtube