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There have been times when we questioned our purpose in life and the meaning of life. The journey to find your purpose, find happiness and peace of mind in those times of crisis, can be difficult, but not impossible and Emma Slade’s life struggle story is proof of that.

Emma Slade is a British Yoga and meditation teacher, an author of the book named ‘ Set Free’ and also the founder of the charity “ Opening Your Heart To Bhutan”. Through her story, she gives a message to help us find their purpose in life. In September 1997, she was held hostage in a hotel room in Jakarta while she was on a business trip and she thought she wouldn’t survive the next day. How she survived it, the PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that followed, and why she decided to leave her career and started meditating and practicing yoga to find her inner self, she takes us through her experiences.

In this Josh Talk, Emma Slade inspires us through meanings such as what is happiness, how to live a happy life and gives us 5 secrets through which everyone can Find Happiness. To get over the experiences she had encountered, she understood that she herself could find happiness in life. She got ordained in Bhutan and became a Buddhist Nun. Today, she has found the joy through her charity carrying the mission to help people find happiness.

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