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This is my Story. How I survived from past hurts and how I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Syndrome. How I got healed and How I am living my life now. Lessons I learned from that to inspire and encourage others. Talk about Emotional and Mental Health Awareness to sensitive the Youth and Adults on How Emotional Intelligence and Stability help positively in the Development of Potentials and help live a balanced life.

I am an professional Educator and work with people who need psycho-social-educational assistance. I am also a Motivator as I assist people with advice and mentoring through different life situations. I mainly post on Instagram and Facebook @motivationupbyblessedsue

In my Project @youthempowermentcompany, I dedicate my time to empowering the Youth and sensitize them on the Development of their talents and potentials and the importance ob being mentally, emotionally and spiritually stable . I raise their consciousness on Discipline to reach academic goals and talents perfection to position themselves as Contributors in the Society.

I am also the Co-Founder and Vice- President of the Light and Bridge Association (Licht und Brücke e.V.) @lichtundbrueckeassociation that orientates It´s work on related soci-cultural, educational and Solidarity issues.


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” Think Right, Decide Right, Live Right” #motivationupbyblessedsue

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