My PTSD Story | kryzzleberry (vlogtoberfest #10)

* tw – car accident, death, dying *
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welcome to #vlogtoberfest – daily videos from ya fave lil kberry for the month of october. any video requests lemme know but for now, homegirl is wingin’ it (aka what i do best, right?)

today i graduated from probationary license to a full! i have no driving restrictions! i am a real adult!! decided it was time to reflect and disclose my journey with ptsd + how much it impacted my life, and just how proud i really am to get to this day.

my nan & sister also did a mini vlog takeover, elise bought me a gift, and i had a BURRITO WITH SPICY CAULIFLOUR so fuck yeah i had a good day. feelings are cool, friends. i love yall. so much. x


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