My Story//Alcoholism, Addiction, PTSD, COMBAT, and Sobriety (Prt 2)

Part 2 is the progression towards how I actually experienced being a dry drunk and some of the inner demons I fought to get there. With alcoholism and addiction controlling every aspect of my life…Something had to change if I was ever going to experience sobriety, this is my story!

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The 19 best books to read for anger management and resentments:

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Hotline U.S.:

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Hotline Europe:

Suicide Prevention Hotline:

Relapse Prevention Hotline:

Timothy Natale (Author/Motivator):

Alcoholics Anonymous Global Meetings:

Alcoholics Anonymous US Meetings:

“12 Steps and Twelve Traditions” : also:  and I guarantee if you have the desire to stop drinking and wonder in to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous they may even give you a copy for free!  (If there are open meetings in your area).  If not; contact me in a DM on Instagram or Twitter, and I’ll see what I can do!

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