My WORST Night Back Home ft. My friend Cassie | PTSD Meltdown on Camera

Go ahead dislike and become a miserable human for cyberbullying as your parents didn’t raised you right! Suicide, Bipolar Depression, and PTSD isn’t something to joke about it.

The reason why I filmed us walking back home in a sad manner was because I had an episode thanks to some users on here that treated me like rubbish and feel like breaking their limbs off. I felt awful for yelling at Cassie as she wanted to hang out with me today and didn’t knew what I was thinking as it seems everyone in this globe hates my bony guts.

This is my lowest point whenever you see me act this way which is extremely rare because of my horrible pasts. If you want to become harsh and judge me for what I’m going through, please leave my channel before I won’t even survive with all this pressure. Thank you

PS: I HATE JAMES CHARLES GO DEATH! That’s why I had to yell out his name to feel better to let out my emotions and how he actually mistreats people with autism like I do from rumors I heard and hate his darn parents for giving birth to him. No offense but I’m just speaking the truth of how I feel about how he acts and puts people down like me.

#PTSD #AutismAwareness #Nighttime

Source: Youtube