Narcissistic Mother Trauma 20: Sensory Overload (as a Christian woman)

Learn about the Narcissistic Mother Trauma 20: Sensory Overload (as a Christian woman). This video about the impact of childhood trauma in adulthood reveals the impact of trauma on the brain. This narcissistic abuse recovery video will explain how narcissistic mothers affect their daughters. It will help you understand the impact of childhood trauma on your lifestyle, habits, emotions, physical wellbeing, relationships, career, and mental health today. This message is part 20 of “20 Types of Narcissistic Mother Trauma”

– Long-term consequences of childhood maltreatment
– Sensory processing in PTSD
– Sensory overload and imbalance

Chronic childhood abuse by the narcissistic mother hijacked her scapegoat daughter’s brain and the nervous system, leading to complete sensory overload. Often, I’d stay up all night because I couldn’t calm down enough to go to sleep. After my toxic and brutal narcissistic mother attacked me physically, violently, and repeatedly over and over again, I was unable to sleep. My home environment was a “living hell.” A research study examining sensory processing in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder explains:
“Traumatic experiences can have severe emotional and psychological consequences, which may affect the capacity to process both internal and external sensory information. Such anomaly may have cascading effects in individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), where alterations in sensory processing may hinder the capacity for higher-order executive functions, including emotional regulation.” A research paper on sensory overload and imbalance explains: “The vestibular system integrates multisensory information to monitor one’s bodily orientation in space, and is influenced by interoceptive awareness. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) typically involves alterations in interoceptive and bodily self-awareness evidenced by symptoms of hyperarousal, as well as of emotional detachment, including emotional numbing, depersonalization, and derealization. These alterations may disrupt vestibular multisensory integration between the brainstem and key vestibular cortical regions.” Sensory overload is overwhelming. The amygdala is where emotions are given meaning, remembered, and attached to associations and responses to them (creating emotional memories). Individuals with a history of childhood abuse show altered structural and functional brain development in both frontal and limbic structures. Childhood maltreatment is a serious individual, familial, and societal threat that compromises healthy development of a child and is associated with lasting alterations to emotional perception, processing, and regulation. Due to chronic trauma inflicted on me for three decades by my mother and three of my husbands, my brain even today has difficulty filtering out irrelevant information. That’s why bright lights and certain loud sounds overwhelm my brain, making me agitated and unable to focus. It’s sensory overload. It is the cost of trauma.

I wrote a poem describing my experiences of sensory overload and I’d like to share it with you now. It’s called “I Am an Introvert:”

What helps me battle the significantly negative and damaging outcomes of my narcissistic mother’s abuse, torture, molestation, terrorizing, bullying, tormenting, stonewalling, gaslighting, and objectification just to name a few… is self-care. I care for my body and mind every day, and it helps me stay healthy, grounded, peaceful, joyful, focused, and productive.

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