NARM and Agency

The NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) is an approach for resolving childhood trauma. Children who have experienced early trauma – adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) – were placed in positions where they were helpless and at the mercy of others/their environment for them to be OK. As adults, we are designed to develop increased capacities to be able to take care of our own needs. However, when we move into adulthood with unresolved trauma, we often struggle at relating to ourselves and our lives in ways that promotes health, wellness and resiliency.

Dr. Laurence Heller, the Creator of NARM, and Brad Kammer, a NARM Trainer, discuss the concept of NARM and how it may be used clinically to support clients dealing with Complex Trauma (C-PTSD). As Brad says, “Agency is the bridge between Child and Adult Consciousness.”

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