Navy SEAL Veterans Have A Bold Message For Students Who Claim 2016 Election “Traumatized” Them

Two military veterans — one of them a double-amputee — have a stern message for the 25 percent of college-aged millennials and other bellyachers who claim to be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder because of President Donald Trump’s successful ascendancy to the White House.

“First off, you don’t have PTSD. You are not traumatized,” Navy SEAL veteran Eli Crane said this week in an interview with the Independent Journal Review.

He added: “The only things you are suffering from is weakness, entitlement, poor upbringings and from growing up in a disgraceful time period where progressive policies ‘Trumped’ common sense and parental responsibility.”

He added that what millennials are doing is misappropriating “a diagnosis primarily reserved for combat vets, first responders, sexual assault victims and individuals who have suffered from real trauma.”

But why are they doing this? Because they’ve been “so coddled and protected from reality” all their lives:

Since many of you out there don’t understand what real PTSD and trauma look like, I encourage you to go to one of our military hospitals and hang out for a day or two with a soldier who has been blown up or watched friends die in a combat zone. You can also go chat with a first responder who has been working the streets or riding in an ambulance for ten years to hear about real trauma. I guarantee you they won’t ever bring up a presidential or political election of any kind.

The 25 percent number stems from a recently published study from San Francisco State University, which found that a quarter of college-aged millennial Arizona State University students allegedly suffer from PTSD because of Trump’s election.

The results of this test have annoyed veterans because they feel there’s no equivalency between losing an election and fighting in a war and seeing your friends being killed.

Speaking with the hosts of “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday morning, double-amputee Marine Corps veteran Joey Jones concurred with Crane’s assessment, adding that millennials’ alleged PTSD is “equivalent to a bad hair day,” at worst.

“It’s not the equivalent to putting your buddy into a bag. It’s not the equivalent to trying to save someone’s life and watching it slip away in the middle of combat,” he said.

“You can take your studies, your degrees, your entitled opinions, and claim whatever you would like,” he continued, adding that their claims of suffering from PTSD are “disgusting.”

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