Neurodiversity movement drama, bipolar, autism, gossip, lies.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed by psychiatrists in Australia and New Zealand with bipolar disorder. Diagnosed by psychologists in New Zealand with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and social anxiety disorder (currently mild as managed).

I made a few videos about drama with the Neurodiversity Movement over a year ago, how cult-like and manipulative some of the members are. In this video, I read out some of the public gossip about me by someone I don’t know. All because I disagreed with someone with a large following, who then instigated a dog-pile onto me (lots of their loyal flock making personal attacks).

The latest drama was because I dared to question what I consider to be irresponsibly generating fear by equating genetics with eugenics. By self-appointed ‘leaders’ of the ‘autistic community’ with big egos and no science illiteracy. Late diagnosed people who insist that they must have been masking their whole life so that no one noticed anything since childhood.

Generating fear is a form of abuse and control. As the rational part of the brain shuts down. It’s been pretty bad on social media at the moment with drama.

Members from the Neurodiversity Movement (NDM) have made multiple attempts to recruit me, insisting that I am ‘obviously autistic’, ‘autistic in denial’ and misdiagnosed bipolar. I had an assessment. Assessor said traits only.

NDM members will not accept this, so they are abusive to me. I am called ‘ableist’ and the latest is that I am a bully (for dare disagreeing with the doctrine). I am making a video as I am not being in the role of everyone’s scapegoat for blame and abuse.

Lied about. I am pretty cynical. This is pretty typical if dare disagree about anything. Hence, I usually ignore them, only to be attacked by a group of people I don’t know if I dare say anything that ruffles their feathers. Very controlling.

I often talk to autistic people. Some are also cynical as been treated badly by the NDM, whom they do not want to be a part of. Neurodiversity sounds at first like admiring strengths, but it has some very bossy people grifting. Encouraging abuse of anyone who expresses a different view.

Drama is typical with identity politics eg neurodiversity, ‘actually autistic’, gender.

Source: Youtube