Never Be A Victim

Jim Bremner is no stranger to threats. With over 30 years experience in law enforcement – including uniform patrol, emergency response tactical unit as Special Weapons Team leader, and a member and trainer of the bomb squad, Jim had no idea his biggest challenge would come off the job – suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D).

Drawing from his own life experience, Jim has co-authored ‘Crack in the Armor: a police officer’s guide to surviving post traumatic stress disorder’, a self-help guide written to assist first responders in understanding the effects of work-related critical incident stress.

In this episode, Jim also shares tips on how to survive an Active Shooter/Attacker incident, understanding P.T.S.D further, and insight on how someone can help a loved one, friend or colleague, and EVEN THEMSELVES – to no longer suffer in silence.

Ladies and Gentlemen….Jim Bremner!

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