NIGERIA: Persecuted, PTSD and Homeless

#BREAKING I am now officially HOMELESS! Everyone has abandoned our 9 bedroom house. SARS is supposed to be patrolling Agodi and other Nigerian neighborhoods during robbery hour 1:30-3am the most vulnerable time all over the world for violent home invasions.

Instead they are busy during the day harassing young men instead of focusing on the ones not on the streets going to come out at night. Our attackers were 19-25yo illiterate motor park boys with no masks on. After warning them not to kill my mother who was forced face down at gunpoint, I begged them to just kill me as my #PTSD had taken a toll on me.

Some of us were tied up and gagged, I gave them as many devices as they wanted, they didn’t take a single charger of any device and tried to gang rape us. Telling them I was sick with HIV worked as a lie but they almost beheaded my son KJ @richkjtmusic who was coming upstairs hearing “Don’t shoot me” from upstairs. They slapped him, snatched his phone off his hands and forced him to the ro to lie gaceHe lost all his music, laptop, back up drives with 12 unreleased songs all gone. The police are investigating 4 angles.

My crowdfunding for my medical care hit 65% goal. Now I have to use part of it to escape to another location. My back and elbow badly bruised from being beaten with the butt of the gun. They came with explosives. They have now hit another estate in Akobo the second time. The NURTW has been eliminated in Oyo state by Governor Makinde and thus these motor park boys are on a robbery rampage.


Kemi Olunloyo

Source: Youtube