Nightmare treatment for Veterans: imagery rehearsal therapy

Dr. Harry McCleary is a licensed clinical psychologist and Navy Veteran. His channel is aimed at educating Veterans and their loved ones about mental health. In this video Dr. McCleary talks about Imagery Rehearsal Therapy (IRT) and how It may be able to help you with your nightmares.

The specific DSM-5 criteria for nightmare disorder are as follows:

Recurrent episodes of extended, extremely dysphoric, and well-remembered dreams that usually involve efforts to avoid threats to survival or security or physical integrity.

The nightmares generally occur in the second half of a major sleep episode.

On waking from the nightmare, the individual rapidly becomes oriented and alert.

The episodes cause significant distress or impairment in social, occupational or other areas of functioning.

The symptoms cannot be explained by the effects of a drug of abuse or medication.

The nightmares cannot be attributed to another mental disorder (i.e., posttraumatic stress disorder, delirium) or medical condition.

What Is Imagery Rehearsal Therapy?

What are the steps?
1: Nightmare education
2: Selecting a nightmare to work on
3: Exposure
4: Rescripting the nightmare
5: Rehearsing the “new” dream

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