Nina Angela Lee: Courageous Gratitude Amidst Grief

Nina’s life was altered the day her teenage son came home from school with yellow eyes. She learned to courageously choose God and gratitude along her detoured path.

One of My Favorite Takeaways

I loved how Nina talked about having gratitude even when her son died. At first I thought she was crazy to try to think of things to be grateful for at that point, but as she began listing them, I realized God taught Nina so much through her journey—and although it was awfully heart-breaking, she could still find joy amidst as she was thankful.


Music has always been a great resource for Nina—soft classical or meditation on Pandora.

Caregiver support groups—there are support groups for everything. Ask and find them. They can become your tribe.

Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

“On the Path Home,” by Henry B. Eyring

“Consider the Blessings,” by Thomas S. Monson

You can also listen to Nina’s music and imagine getting a hug from her here: or on Spotify or YouTube.

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