NJCVRT I Documentary 60 Sec. Teaser:A for Leo Bridgewater

NEW JERSEY CANNABIS VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLE I DOCUMENTARY (#NJCVRT) Starring Leo Bridgewater Sr. Leo Bridgewater Sr. currently serves as Director of Veteran’s Outreach for Minorities for Medical Marijuana and Chief Innovation Officer for CWCBExpo. In 2001 Leo enlisted into the United States Army in response to the September 11 attacks in New York City and Washington DC and served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Army Specialist. Leo’s advocacy has seen him testify in the NJ Senate Committee to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) added to the NJ Medical Marijuana Program. In September of 2016 NJ Gov. Chris Christie signed bill S-2345 adding PTSD to the NJMMP.

The NEW JERSEY CANNABIS VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLE I (#NJCVRT) is a coalition of Public Officials, Community Stakeholders, Medical Practitioners, Business Development Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Clergy that seek to impact the Cannabis Regulatory Commission’s (CRC) initiatives with active involvement that includes but is not limited to convening at a roundtable to discuss the (4) pillars of the cooperative. The (4) pillars of the NJCVRT are “Patient Care, Health & Wellness, Business Development, and Social Justice & Equity.”

A key part of the CRC’s work will be the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (Office of Minority, Disabled Veteran, & Women Cannabis Business Development). This office was formed to “establish and administer, under the direction of the commission, unified practices and procedures for promoting the participation in the medical cannabis and personal use cannabis industry by persons from socially and economically disadvantaged communities, including by prospective and existing ownership of minority businesses and women’s businesses… and disabled veterans’ businesses.”

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