No Blue Bird , Winter Blues Therapist

Colonization And Pollination
The delicate ecosystems
are disturbed by bad humans at it
and the depressed patients of PTSD.
feel the patient’s peril (immediate danger).

Thearapy For Depression Impersonate Birds 🐦
Intune with the animal kingdom ;
in order to protect the environment.
My Work On YouTube This Christmas 2019
Will my 1fist male swop with ,
the other domineering 🐦Male Birds?
This is the free- spirit of Birts 🐦
Birds are NOT terrorists.

They know which female is NOT impressed,
when I switch off.
When one male Bird 🐦 fails
he feels cursed NOT cured,
because he is NOT covered by increased love ♡

🐦He has failed to love ♡ love more
and now he is challenged
by other male Birds ;
who is most chatty and echoes longest
deepest vocalist.

The female Bird 🐥 highest pitchrd chick – sound
represents the heart – broken 💔Wasp Women 🐝
who have been bad -mouth by bitchy Bad Bee Women 🐝

As copy cats 🐱🐥 respecting each other and copy each other .
Together , female Birds 🐥 are amplified extra loud speaker 🎛🎤

The bad female Birds 🐦are excluded and dismembered
as worst hypocrites about the Generational Curses.
Not at my party.

The broken female Birds 🐥 are laughing at the laughable
the creatures refusing to be cured from curses .
Rejecting the Creator Guardian God Almighty !
The wrongful creatures , are in a very case of confusion
and some type of captured seizure state – of – mind.
All types of animals land , air , water and others
that forget NOT remember the cause of PTSD .
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder , are lost in the wilderness.
Unsuccessful Thearapy and relapse into deep depression
after this treatment listening to bird 🐥 CHIT CHAT

LOL. Patients who are bad humans , unable to tune in
heart and soul with Birds 🐥and Wasp Women 🐝
and are 10% available for Oral Sex to dumb -down
the humans ….The bad men will try it on blue birds 🐦
and other birds 🐥organised as sex toys for men
to be adulterated….
The bad men failure to love ♡
and only use and abuse women ;
as bad males are human – animals 💥
and are infected by a curse💥 from mild to severe LOL
From💥 Gods Holy Women….
The bad men now want to attack….
Holy Females resisting bad males
and their bad organisation
tosteal Holy Work💥 For Unholy Work.

People will document this abnormal supernatural work
From God And The Saints . Happy Christmas Birthday
Baby Jesus …Let All Your Creatures Delight In You
Lord Jesus And Come Quickly Save Your People
And Our New Year.

Source: Youtube