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In this video, I discuss the research behind a little known neuropeptide, NPY, that appears to be a significant factor in determining a person’s ability to handle stress. The U.S. Army has done clinical research on NPY and it has shown that soldiers who have high levels in NPY seem more resilient to stress. As well, high levels of NPY have been shown to be a factor in helping veterans recover from PTSD. This is a very powerful neuropeptide and we hope you enjoy learning more about NPY.

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Levium’s Doctor & Neuroscientist Team – “Glauser Life Sciences”

Dr. Nicholas Gilpin, Ph.D. – LSU
This Psychobiology Professor research uses pre-clinical models to study circuit, cellular, and molecular processes associated with anxiousness, addiction, and related disorders.

Dr. Todd Thiele, Ph.D. – UNC
With over 85 peer-reviewed papers in renowned scientific journals, Dr. Thiele is a tenured Professor and the Director of the UNC, Chapel Hills’s Behavioral Neuroscience Program.

Dr. David Kipper, M.D. – UCLA
Dr. Kipper co-founded the Medical Group of Beverly Hills. He is the author of the book, The Addiction Solution and host of his own weekly interactive Radio Program on K-ABC.

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