NSW Police negligence caused PTSD on former officer then destroys his family

EXPOSED: New South Wales Police Force management covered up initial bullying workplace negligence by a former Sergeant which caused a veteran officer severe PTSD, Major Depression and loss of his employment. In 2009 NSWPF accepts liability ending all civil litigation. Payback, in 2010 NSWPF ignored their own ethical principals, applied malicious bad faith and non- disclosures when instigating the civil action against the `victim’ and former street cop.
Between 2010 – 2018, Adrian was called the `defendant’ and forced to `self- represent’ against his former employer. Adrian Aldous will now candidly exposes the `COVERUPS’ by Assistant Commissioner Catherine BYRNE with failings of the NSW Judicial System along with collusion by a Senior Barrister which has resulted in financial and emotional devastation upon Adrian and his family.

Source: Youtube