Older children may sexually abuse younger children

TW: child on child sexual abuse
This topic seems to be taboo but I think people need to be made aware of it. Children under the age of 18 sexually abusing younger children make up around a third of sexual abuse cases. It is usually by someone known to them.

The trauma for the younger child that has been abused is just the same as if it were by an adult. It usually goes unreported or is dismissed. Children aged 12-14 are the main offenders.

This was a very difficult topic for me to talk about. I was sexually abused as a 5 year old. Two teenage boys were involved. I was used fro sexual gratification. There was touching and viewing of genitalia. I was told when I was scared to keep it as ‘our little secret.’ The boys later died. One from diabetes and the other by hanging. I could not guess the X in Sex in the game of hangman we played. I remember their diabetes vials. I told one of their family members but it did not give me closure. I cannot identify them as it remains an allegation because they are dead. I was dismissed when I told someone and being dismissed is a huge trigger for me.

I had a friend when I was 11-12 that did things that upset me. She kicked the dog, stole money and medications from her mother’s purse and I witnessed her abuse her baby brother. What I saw did not involve genitalia. It included pashing (passionate kissing involving tongue). I felt disgusted. I asked my therapist if this counted as sexual abuse. She said ‘yes’. I cannot pash anyone unless I am manic, as it is too triggering for me.

I have bipolar and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). PTSD mainly from a combination of childhood sexual abuse (by adolescent children) and rape as an adult (by a woman). I made another video that rape can be by any gender and to any gender.

Source: Youtube