Online safety, red flags, boundaries, abuse in intimate relationships, friendships, bipolar, PTSD

My name is Xanthe Wyse & I vlog about mental health. I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder.

I have been vulnerable to abuse, including online abuse. Sharing some of what I have learnt to help others. Some red flags and things to beware of.

You do not need to be loyal online to people who violate your boundaries. Don’t feel bad about using the block button if you need to.

Beware of people who become obsessive and are ‘in love’ very quickly. Massive red flag.

Beware of people who like to gossip with direct messages & use screenshots as ‘evidence’. They may try to use information they extract against you to try and harm you in revenge.

Beware that it is very easy to hide online behind a fake profile, stolen pictures. Voice without video isn’t enough to confirm a person is real. Even if they are ‘real’, they can still be abusive. I made another recent video about how I was stalked by an obsessive man online.

I have a very low tolerance for drama. It’s one of the red flags for me. Also internal inconsistencies. Some people like playing mind games. I can’t be bothered with that crap. Beware of people who are jealous and can’t control their emotions. Some people need therapy but are in denial.

You don’t need to be friends with everyone if it is detrimental to your mental health and safety. Trust your instincts. If someone is twisting my words and making drama, I don’t bother anymore with them.

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