Orkid – Post-Traumatic Blues/Katua (official video)

This is our Post-Traumatic Blues with a shot from a sombre gathering on a Sunday morning.
The song is included on the ‘Suruaika’ EP
Concept & directing: Orkid
DoP: Gabriel Copoeru
Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Vladimir Ivanov @Real Sound and Vision

“I walk upon your endless sorrow
I walk upon your lazy grief
I walk upon your self inflicted pain
And your long forgotten lies.

Oh my love
How I try to understand you, girl,
And how I struggle every day for us
To get on with our lives.

I tried to cope with your giant ego
I tried to ease your endless grief
I tried to heal your self inflected wounds
And always ignore your lies.

Oh my love
How I try to defend you, baby,
And how I struggle every day
For us to survive.

And now I’m fed up with your endless sorrow
I just despise your lazy grief
I fucking hate your self inflicted pain
And I’ll never forget your lies.

You’re just a lie baby
I will never forget your lies, baby,
I will never forgive you, girl,
And I will never forget
Our love.”

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