Orlando PTSD Trauma Counselor with 4 Warning Signs & What to Do to Avoid Another Shooting – Jason Lo

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Orlando PTSD Trauma Counselor with 4 Warning Signs & What to Do to Avoid Another Shooting – Jason Loughner Fox 35 News | Therapists offices in Lake Mary, East Orlando, Clermont, Winter Park and Southwest Orlando. Jason Loughner’s shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, a 9 year old girl, a Federal Judge with his history makes us wonder why people around him did not see the warning signs. So how does someone see the signs? What do we look for in someone that is about to implode?

Below relationship experts give us some some tips for us to consider and some ideas on what to do in the future.

A Few Warning Signs

1 — Obsession with anger, violent thoughts

2 — Paranoid

3 — Withdrawn personality

4 — distorted or radical belief system

What Can You Do

Most states have an involuntary commitment law in the event that someone is considered a danger to themselves or others. The Baker Act is Florida’s involuntary treatment law. It can be enforced by judges, law enforcement officials, mental health counselors, and physicians. If you spot someone who you feel might be mentally ill to the point of threatening themselves or others you can call 911 and report them so they can get help. If you call 911 the police will determine if there is a legitimate threat before enforcing the involuntary commitment laws in your state.

If there is a legitimate threat, then law enforcement would escort the individual to the local involuntary commitment facility for a mental health evaluation by a professional to determine if they are indeed mentally ill and could be a danger to themselves or others. Once they are evaluated and diagnosed as mentally ill, they will receive treatment and care.

When people have deranged thoughts it’s often for deranged reasons. The only protection from them — and for them — is an improved system of diagnosis and treatment for the mentally ill. Mass killers, though often delusional, are deliberate and determined. They seek revenge against specific individuals, or against society as a whole, in large part regardless of whatever social policies we put in place.
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