OTSD – Ongoing Traumatic Stress Disorder

We’ve heard a lot about PTSD – Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. The typical example of PTSD is when someone returns home after serving in the military. They are often highly stressed, even if there are no current stressful circumstances. That is why the prefix “post-” is used.

However, people use the term PTSD even when there is ongoing stress. That is probably for lack of a better word.

We might consider the terms “Ongoing Traumatic Stress Disorder,” “Current Traumatic Stress Disorder,” or “Continuous Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

“Ongoing Traumatic Stress Disorder” seems to say it best.

Marianne Williamson mentions that many children often go to school without food. They witness violence either in school or nearby. In such a case, they probably would be experiencing OTSD.

Marianne also mentions that many families have the constant stress of being one paycheck away from financial collapse. And many families couldn’t even take a $400 hit. This continuous stress would be OTSD.

Source: Youtube