Overcome Triggers and Transform Your Life

Overcome Triggers and Transform Your Life! This Video is a general framework for understanding how to overcome triggers so you can Transform your Life!!

Don’t let Triggering control your life! Understanding Triggers is HUGE! If you don’t understand triggering you are controlled by it!

If you want balance in life, if you want to enhance your spiritual growth, if you want to overcome anxiety or trauma or ptsd, you need to understand triggers. Your mental health depends on you understanding triggers. Whether you are a victim of narcissism, narcissistic abuse, or just emotional abuse, or even if you are an narcissist yourself finding our what triggers you is key.

Anxiety disorders are often a result of trauma that are experienced as psychological distress, this is commonly also associated with post traumatic stress syndrome. Ptsd triggers perpetuate the trauma in our everyday experience long after the incident that caused it is over.

The types of triggers that can effect us are many, there are psychological triggers, emotional triggers, ptsd triggers etc. but in this video I will be organizing them into 2 main categories. Catastrophic triggers and petty triggers. Becoming aware of your subtle states gives rise to your awareness of subtle trigger emotions this awareness often leads back to traumas from childhood.

When you explore this you begin to learn how to start managing emotions that are triggering and start to become more aware of when you are subtly triggered before you explode in anger, fear or frustration.

This is where transformation starts, in your subtle awareness, the more conscious you are of your emotions the more transformational the practices that you apply with help you. As you do your personal work you will begin to learn how to quell these states and feel your emotions quieting more quickly and effectively.

here is a link to a video I made on emotional intelligence – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KEefRDEipY

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