Overcoming Combat PTSDI The Speakmans

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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Thirteen years ago after multiple tours in Iraq Dorian Donnelly developed combat post traumatic stress disorder. He gradually became more and more frightened of crowds and therefore leaving the house. Dorian had several life threatening experiences that caused his PTSD but he cites holding back a crowd in Basra with his battalion as the worst. Dorian was told he needed anti-depressants for his PTSD but he refused to take them. He said he wasn’t depressed although he knew there was something wrong with him, he knew he had anxiety, but he wasn’t depressed. He began avoiding going anywhere were they would be crowds and as such, missed family weddings, family get together’s and most heartbreaking of all being able to take his son to watch rugby matches. Dorian felt his life could never get better, and had been told by his doctor PTSD is for life, it cannot be cured you have to learn to life with it. Having become increasingly worried about her husband, Dorian’s wife Danielle asked the Speakmans for help.

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