Overcoming Insomnia & PTSD Anxiety Triggers

I’ve known Z.C. since 2007, and always have liked and admired them.

When I was shooting video for this course, I saw a post Z.C. made about having insomnia and needing to find a way to sleep better. I reached out to them, and offered to help. Z.C. agreed to allow me to video record their session, and share both the session in the online course, and their results after the session.

Z.C. told me that they’d had trouble sleeping almost their whole life, from childhood trauma, and then a four year long abusive relationship.

This first video is Z.C. describing their insomnia and what they hope to achieve through the Emotional Mastery process, as well as the immediate results they experienced.

During the session, I walked Z.C. through the PTSD Neuro-Linguistic Programming VKD treatment technique. A few weeks later, Z.C. came back and told me about their results. They wanted to go a little further, so I walked them through another technique in the Emotional Mastery toolkit. (These techniques, and many more besides, are included in the Emotional Mastery program)

And here are their results after a month!

I hope this case study helps you to know that, no matter how bad things have been in the past, there is definitely hope for the future!

Join us and enroll in the Emotional Mastery course at MindBodyWizard.com. You will be glad you did!

With love,

Nadine Sabulsky

PS: The entire session video, along with a few other case study session videos, are part of your Emotional Mastery program – so you’ll be able to see the techniques applied “live” to aid your own healing. Get started today!

Source: Youtube