Overview About Psychosis & Treatment | Coping with Hallucinations & Delusions | Schizo-Spec, C-PTSD

Psychosis: About & Treatment

00:33 About Psychosis
05:37 Treatment/ Therapy for Psychosis

Covers topics such as:
– Symptoms of psychosis such as Hallucinations, Delusions, Cognitive issues; Early signs of psychosis
– Co-morbidity with other disorders; Risk factors for developing psychosis
– Development of psychosis & the Diathesis-stress model: genetic predisposition plus environmental trigger, such as prolonged stress
– Explanation of psychosis as a psychic self-care system: fragmentation of Ego, to protect the ego from awareness of experiences
– Treatment/ therapy to cope with and recover from psychosis, speaking from my experience.

If you or a loved one experiences psychosis, I hope you may find this information helpful. Know that hope and recovery is possible.


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