When I first moved up to the mountains, I had pretty much retired from the music business. But then, my dear friend Don Campeau ( aka Veva Foote) told me about a non-profit he was creating for the internet whose main purpose was to raise money for veterans with P.T.S.D. He asked if I would write a song for an album he was putting together for the site as yet another revenue source.

I was more than happy to give it a shot. It’s a great cause and Don and I go back over 40 years. Getting a call from Don is always a breath of fresh air, and a guarantee of much jocularity, frivolity and mirth.

It’s a song that I am most proud of. I sent a copy to another dear friend, Jimmy Cantale. He books a lot of acts for the U.S.O. and in his many trips overseas, he has interviewed dozens and dozens of soldiers who are living with P.T.S.D., as he is in the process of writing a book on the subject.

After hearing my song, he called me. He said it took him an hour to make that call because he kept crying. When you can really touch another human being with the words to a song, you’ve done your job.

Like I said, I am truly proud of my work.

As far as who I’d like to hear sing it, I have a suggestion that some may think is a bit off the wall… Outside the box, if you will.

Can you imagine a pairing of GARTH BROOKS and LADY GAGA?

But then I thought about KELLY CLARKSON. Once again, I could hear her playing the part of the vulnerable wife whose Soldier / Husband returns from the Middle East a broken man. I could just hear her powerful voice as she sings the 3rd verse. Can you spell Multi-Platinum?


And then there’s TRISHA YEARWOOD. Did you see GARTH and TRISHA’s Christmas Special?

Which Lady do you prefer?

Source: Youtube