P.T.S.D Trailer

“They found each other lost in a battle field of their minds”

Ex special forces soldier Mark Reynolds (played by Marc Navarro) has returned from war but his battles still play out in his head. He’s cut himself off from society, choosing to live in an old caravan on the outskirts of Dundee. When his sister is kidnapped by gangsters, Mark is forced to look for vengeance in the underbelly of Dundee.

P.T.S.D is a contemporary drama in development based in Dundee. It features a cast of mostly non actors, who have been affected by the social issues raised in the film.

Written and directed by double bafta award winning Garry Fraser.

A Socialeyes production.

Camera crew: Marc Brankin and Stephen Grant.

Sound Engineer : Ryan Livingstone.

Song by Amy Henderson.

Source: Youtube