Painting Ballerina (shag on rock, sunset, water) acrylics demo – part 6 – dancing to music

My name is Xanthe Wyse. I am a hobby painting who has sold art. I find art to be therapeutic with bipolar disorder & post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I have posted 5 other videos showing how I painted Ballerina (shag on a rock) in acrylics, explaining what I was doing – which was improvising with a few ideas I had which was to use a base layer of metallics (the camera does not pick up how much metallic sheen there is).

In this video, I stop talking and paint the way I usually do. Nearly always listening to music and quiet often rocking and/or dancing to the music. I have been told my art has a lot of ‘movement’ in it. This is why.

All I am doing is building up more layers until I feel it is complete. As explained in the other videos. I have given permission for you to try painting Ballerina with acknowledgement and not for financial gain.

The songs I listened to at these stages were Careless Whisper & She’s Like the Wind.

The shag on a rock is actually also an optical illusion of a girl wearing a tutu standing on a dance floor turned away with her head-down. She isn’t dancing. It’s just how she turned out and it has personal symbolism for me. I paint metaphors.

I have used Reeves metallics and Atelier Interactives for the colours. I have explained more in the previous videos.

Source: Youtube