Panic Attack Oakland Community College Witchhunt PTSD Year 6 Still No Justice

Rated UTA (Ugly Turn Away). Posted 2.1.2019. Created sometime between November 2018 and January 25, 2019, a scheduled court date, for immediate sentencing five months early for the bogus stalking charge created by my former criminal employer, Oakland Community College, which refuses to leave me alone. For almost three months, I was terrified that the Osceola County prosecutor, the MDOC and Judge Kimberly Booher would jail me for 55 days-for no good real reason, except to silence my never-ending Mitten State Nightmare, which now includes Delta College in Bay County as well as Oakland Community College downstate, and too many miscreants. I was not jailed, in order to cover corruption (too many details-the law is some tricky shit) but slapped with a misdemeanor. I have told my story too often without justice. My story won’t stop growing. Too many Michigan officials have turned their backs. Bill Schuette, former attorney general, began targeting me for retaliation Nov 19, 2015. Thankfully, he did not win the recent election to become governor. Bottom line, I’ll take the death penalty instead of mental and financial torture. It’s been six years. I am shreds. I am no longer human. I see human scum all around. I want and need justice or mercy pronto. As I’ve been saying for years. Which means I am pretty sure I will never be able to heal and survive because people will continue to ignore or silence me. What happened? Why don’t I do this or that, say the trolls, who don’t know or care to know. This story is so fucking long and never ending. Gas lighting, suicide swatting, Livonia Police Fuck the Bitch Squad abduction from home on a botched welfare check. I never met Dr. Andrew Muzychka. He did not evaluate me at St. Mary Mercy Catholic hospital on February 22, 2013. My life is important. This crime can not be ignored. Bogus mental health care is torture, and dangerous. There is no support or recourse for abusive mental health care in Michigan, where medical malpractice largely does not exist. I must tell my story to try and win justice: telling my story repeatedly without justice is killing me. Telling my story has been dangerous. Telling my story remains dangerous. I have been turned away from crisis hotlines because my story does not fit into any existing boxes. Many categories of people know my story, including union teachers at OCC and my estranged, disturbed, spineless extended Catholic family, but no one wants to deal with mess that’s been made of my life by criminal attack and retaliation. People like well paid classroom teachers have been standing by and watching me suffer for years. Logistics. I sold the lakehouse, paid back taxes, escaped the Trumpland, “lock her up,” back woods Michigan posse that’s been after me for years since I escaped Garden City, near Detroit, but the profits will run out and then what? This story has not ended well for years. It makes me hard and hateful and wish this same pain on every god damn American: an equal lack of protection from god and state life annihilation. In God We Fuck. I don’t advise being born to anyone. I expect things will only get worse. I don’t care if you don’t understand or think I’m crazy. I’m god damn tortured and there is a motherfucking difference. Please mercy. The dead come get me. There is no hope.

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