Panic pills Meme (Eve's PTSD)

Hi guys im back from another video i just created this animation meme real quick cause i got some more coming!!!

Eve has a mental disorder called PTSD also known as post traumatic stress disorder she is suffering from it cause she’s remembering the pasts lives of what happend so she tries take some pills to make herself feel better but it made it worse so eve went to doggy and told him about everything whats happening to her doggy wants to hug eve everytime to make her feel uncomfortable and happy she became calm and positive everytime but she still cant stop remembering the pasts..

(Also eve has 2 mental disorders its ptsd and depression)

Original Meme

Inspiration & Audio

Time taken: 2 days (I guess)
Tools used: Flipaclip + Kinemaster

Tysm for watching

Source: Youtube