Part of #EndSARS protests?| Anxiety |PTSD| Panic Attacks – Doctor discusses Mental Health

Were you part of recent #Endsars protests in Nigeria or elsewhere round the world?
Whether online or offline, events associated with the protest may have impacted you significantly – physically or mentally.

The endsars protests took a significant turn about 2 weeks ago when protesters around Nigeria staged peaceful protests against #policebrutality.

There have been strong allegations against the rogue SARS police unit which in the years since its formation had gone against the objectives of its formation – to fight fraud in Nigeria.

Instead ordinary citiens have complainst from assault, sexual harrassment, extrajudicial killings, extortion – all laid at the feet of the officers of the SARS unit.

Daily, protesters came out on the streets, asking for the government to end SARS once and for all.

Tensions have been rising and things came to a head with the #Lekkitollgatemassacre when the Nigerian Army reportedly shot live ammunition into a large crowd of peaceful protesters in Lagos, Nigeria on 20th October 2020.

Following this riots erupted across the country.

You can learn more about the #endsars protests here –

The impact of the protests has been incredible, physically and mentally.
In addition to this has been damage to propoerty, businesses and other disruptions of daily life in large parts of the country.
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In this video, we look at some of the mental health issues that may arise in the days following the events throught out the offline protests and their aftermath.

Problems like #anxiety, #panicattacks, #ptsd may develop after exposure to some experiences including some very harrowing attacks and gory images.

We share tips to help get through this like:

01:09 – Reflection
01:55 – Avoid SelfIsolation
02:09 – Check on Family and Friends
02:32 – Sleep and Rest are Essential
03:39 – Care with Social Media
04:04 – Avoid Drug and Alcohol
04:24 – Panic Attacks
05:54 – PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
06:42 – Signs there may be a problem
07:50 – Where to go for help (Solutions)

Calms app –

Deep Breathing Exercise for stress –

Helpful Local Sources for Counselling/Talking Therapy:

Mentally Aware Nigeria – ;@MentallyAwareNG,
Call – 0809111MANI

Stand To End Rape Initiative –
Contact on +234 809 596 7000 or

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