Past Reflected in PTSD – Trauma happens when we are ALONE with TOO MUCH.

“Trauma Survivors have symptoms instead of memories”

Addictions, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Overwhelm, Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness etc. etc. are all rooted in trauma.

There is nothing wrong with YOU – these are simply symptoms of trauma.

Trauma occurs when we are ALONE with TOO MUCH.

Resolution can come through being TOGETHER with JUST ENOUGH.

But how?

Buster Rådvik of reflects on how we can increase our awareness, learn to safely embody and co-regulate – and finally put our painful histories behind us.

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When we are alone with “too much” we dissociate from the pain we are in.

If we don’t have an environment in which we can say, “Wow, that hurt!”, whatever we ripped away from continues to live within the body.

We are unable to put the experience “behind us”.

Instead, it lives on and becomes part of the whole warning system that flares up and triggers us when any similar situations show up.

For example: if you have a relational trauma, intimacy, connection and closeness become extremely uncomfortable – and you want out of it.

What are those symptoms? what is it that we dissociate from?

*Loss of Interest
*Decreased Concentration
*Emotional Overwhelm 
*Hopelessness / Loss of the sense of a future
*Shame and Worthlessness
*Little or no memories
*Nightmares / Flashbacks
*Generalized Anxiety / Panic Attacks
*Chronic pain / Headaches
*Substance Abuse
*Eating Disorders
*Feeling unreal or out of Body
*Self-destructive behaviour
*Loss of sense of “who I am”

Meet one of those symptoms and take them out for a cup of tea and ask them, “Depression, what’s your story?” Because when we have 10% of space, we can have a dialogue with it, and in this dialogue we are together with just enough.

Source: Youtube