Paul Lace: PTSD

After finishing my enlistment with the United States Marine Corps, I was left with a mental scar on my conscious. An embedded painful feeling that affected my interpersonal skills, my self-esteem, and my progress towards current goals. I experienced the difficulties of communicating my distress to people in my life, originating from fear of informing others about my personal triggers. This is a common characteristic amongst individuals who have experienced trauma and are often fearful of being stigmatized or identified as weak, and likely to refuse to seek help. A traumatized individual displaying such characteristics may endure many difficulties in integrating back into civilian life which will impact the rest of the US population. In my project titled “PTSD”, I use video and performative gestures as the catalyst to question our humanity’s response when encountering a veteran with PTSD. My exploration revolves around the communication between an individual and a person who served in the military. My performance encourages people to be aware of individuals who are grappling with the effects of stress and trauma from various past experiences.


Source: Youtube