Permanently Damaged – PTSD Awareness – Sexual Abuse

Whether it’s physical, sexual, or emotional no one will ever ask to be abused I don’t care what good you can take out of a bad situation It should NEVER of happened in the first place! If you can get to the place of not letting the traumatic experience control you that’s great! It really is and I’m happy for anyone who can find peace But for someone who has never been in a situation where their innocence was taken away or that their sense of control was taken away it’s hard to explain the pain Just because for a lot of people it’s possible to take a terrible situation and be able to have a life without being reminded of the awful hurt doesn’t mean we didn’t deserve not to be abused

I was a young girl What I have seen and felt should NEVER of happened I was taught about sex too early and by the wrong person I was told it was normal for young kids to be sexually active I trusted this person enough to believe it While I was busy cutting my arms trying to cope with feeling disgusted with my body and hating myself for being alive I should have been playing outside with my friends and making memories I should have been enjoying school and learning But having the weight of a secret on my shoulders I couldn’t live in the moment I felt like an outsider who wasn’t accepted I was being hurt by someone and I couldn’t tell anyone I was scared of the consequences I saw no escape away from the situation I felt life was better without me I felt unprotected I felt it was my duty to keep this secret for the sake of everyone else The amount of stress my body experienced was just as traumatic as the abuse But no one likes to talk about my truth People rather talk about moving on

I will never get back those years I will never be able to give that little girl a chance to be an innocent little girl But I will be a voice to bring awareness to child sexual abuse I will stand up and do what I can to help teach parents how family members can abuse your children too It’s not just strangers we need to be cautious of!

Source: Youtube