Permanently Healing Trauma and Stress With A Mental Health Expert

Traumatic experiences are unfortunately a fact of human life and can affect the body, mind, psyche and an individual’s physical and emotional self-regulation.
After a traumatic experience, some individuals experience physical symptoms and mental health symptoms.
The physical symptoms could range from sleeping problems and substance use disorders to disorders of different body systems. There is also a connection between trauma and chronic health conditions.
Learn how to become aware and understand the common responses and stress reactions to trauma. Also learn strategies and tips to overcome trauma on physical and mental wellbeing with an awesome mental health expert.
Anna Elders is a mental health nurse practitioner and cognitive behavioural therapist. She has been working with people who have experienced trauma for 20 years, including working in the UK in a trauma clinic working with the refugees and people seeking assylum. Anna has taught and written about the concepts of trauma informed care and is a teaching fellow at the University of Auckland . Anna works clinically in a GP clinic and is the lead clinician for an online CBT tool in New Zealand.

Source: Youtube