Personal Safety Plan – Keep Safe

Make a contract with yourself now to complete and store your Personal Safety Plan. This plan will then be available to you when dark thoughts of suicide or harming thoughts occur, also known as “darkness”. Just knowing what to do and where to start is so helpful and has kept me and others safe through many experiences of darkness. It can hopefully help you as well, so please complete the plan today.

** Personal Safety Plan **
Download Personal Safety Plan at

================= INTRODUCTION ====================
My journey has been working towards recovery from PTSD (Post- traumatic stress disorder), Complex-PTSD, Post-concussion syndrome (PCS), depression, suicidal ideations and a myriad of physical issues that manifested after an accident.

I am not a medical or mental health professional, but rather just someone wanting to share information through a channel I wish I had found at the beginning of my PTSD journey.

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