Peter Levine on How Trauma Gets Stuck in the Body (and How to Work with It)

Peter Levine was at a trauma conference in the Middle East when someone in the audience asked a question: “Is it possible to work with a trauma if you don’t know what it is?”

So Peter threw the question back and asked if anyone in the audience had a particular symptom that they’d like to work on.

One man raised his hand. It was Haim Dasburg. He just happened to be an expert in the field of treating trauma.

Haim joined Peter on stage. He told Peter about a chronic back pain that he’d been been suffering with for many years.

What happened next was took Haim completely by surprise.


In this video, Peter Levine will share how he helped uncover an incomplete traumatic response that was stuck in the body.

Traumatic memory is unique in the way it can often live on in the physical patterns and the cognitive patterns that a client might develop after a traumatic experience.

This can become a painful paradox because the very response that may have kept our client from harm can now also be keeping them from healing

Peter is one of the world’s foremost experts on treating trauma. He is also the creator of somatic experiencing. When it comes to healing trauma, Peter focuses his work on the body. Because it’s there where we can often see the effects of past traumatic experiences.

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Source: Youtube