#PieChat: PTSD & Me. Guest: Amily

Amily is a transgender woman (pre-op/no-op) from America who suffers from PTSD as a result of childhood sexual abuse. In this livestream Amily and I will discuss her history of abuse and what happened to those who abused her, her hobbies, and how she tries to survive PTSD and the ghosts from her past.

We will discuss the #MeToo movement, medication and therapy, and what tips Amily has for a survivor of rape.

* Amily is a nickname

This livestream comes with a TRIGGER WARNING.

I’m here to amplify Amily’s voice and story. I’ve discussed thoroughly with Amily how to go about this topic. If you would like to ask questions during the livestream or leave questions after it, please do so in a respectful manner, keeping in mind we’re talking about sensitive topics that need to be handled respectfully.

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