Podcast 271: Lessons from a Navy SEAL on facing fear + how to begin healing from PTSD

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I speak to former Navy Seal and bestselling author Brandon Webb about how to face your fears and use them to your advantage, healing PTSD, how to help veterans and active military members with their mental health, and more!

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1:30 Brandon’s time as a Navy Seal
3:00 Brandon’s experience with burnout, and why he left the military to start his own businesses
3:46 Failure as a learning experience
4:15 Why Brandon loves writing books, and his exciting new novel!
7:20 What it is like having PTSD in the military
10:30 Using the outdoors as therapy
13:00 Why people often see therapy as something to be ashamed of
15:51 Why transitioning out of the military today is so challenging
18:00 The power of purpose and meaning
20:25 Why PTSD as a coping mechanism, not a disease
24:28 Why training in the military should change
33:03 Men’s mental health and “toxic masculinity”

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