Police Brutality the Terror Theory Response and Psychological Evaluation of the Police

Police brutality the terror theory response and a psychological evaluation of the police

A lot of officers live in an acute stress disorder response State because of the cognitive dissonance between how they think of their job, of the experience the job, how their job impacts the community, and how they are treated in response to “One Bad Apple”. However, not all apples are bad but, they sure are rotting the barrel they’re in. When they experience trauma on the job they see it as validation to the negative ways we talked about U.S. American citizens. Who simply do not have the same positionality as them and therefore do not have the same epistemology. Who, may have invisible disabilities that show up as Behavior Dysfunctions, and officers take that as a sign of disrespect. Colloquially known as crazy stupid lazy insane disabled Americans. Who are disabled by society’s way of put them blaming legitimate cognitive disability.

Those words are hate speech because when they are spoken from a place of ignorance you’re condoning the mass murder of disabled Americans because, of their symptoms. You are associating an individual with forced sterilization, rape, or murder from medical neglect. You are condoning the ways in which we lash out, as humans, when hurt like Germany 1918.

Long-term cognitive dissonance with oneself is called dissociative identity disorder. Once called multiple personality disorder once called sociopathy. And in my opinion, is also often called Anti Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder. A lot of the time it is because of fundamental misunderstanding of what DID presents as. I believe that patients are labeled Treatment Resistant because of the DID not adequately treated and diagnosed. These patients are likely to lash out violently either verbally or physically in an inappropriate way for the social situation.

Re:Police Brutality even when they are trained how to de-escalate, but in a state of their Terror Theory Response, they disassociate from person, their job, and their training, and react with their personal beliefs and outside trainings. Re: Martial Arts, and police who do take up MMA Fighting. There has been documentation of police officers using illegal restraints on suspects. Those restraining holds don’t come from on the job training’s.

To be able to treat a patient effectively there are two course of actions recommended.

One option is open and honest conversations with all members of their life about their diagnosis and written accessible ground rules put into place for social interactions verbal, and nonverbal, to mitigate disassociation.

The second option is working with the patient long-term on dialectical behavioral therapy and or cognitive behavioral therapy. While also assigning them with a personal support worker to help manage their rehabilitation. Along with education on social situations, this personal support worker will also help them with cultural competency, through exposure to Media, events, and help them gain healthy friendships of others of whom they do not share identities with.

What the public needs from all police officers, is an open conversation with all officers with or without complaints against them to talk about openly about the impacts of their actions away from intent of those actions. Then firing of officers who continuously trigger civilian individuals into an acute stress disorder response. From a lack of Social Emotional Awareness, an unchecked Terror Theory Response, or Racial Bias from never interacting with the communities of color in a way that did not reinforce their thoughts that they are bad, insane, crazy or lazy.

The dismissal of Black People’s acute stress disorder response and post-traumatic stress disorder from having friends, family, and community members die, is an act of white supremacy and ableist. White supremacy is a psychological abuse tactics used by Europeans, European descendants, and also internalized within communities who are negatively impacted from long-term institutional white supremacy. America was founded on white men having Supremacy overall other identities. Tactics such as criminalizing the cultural freedoms, religious freedoms, and the freedom of speech/to meet with communities who are not descendant of Europeans. Tactics such as not allowing positive images of all people of the world, and U.S. Americans who’s ancestors had no choice in coming here. Tactics also include victimizing refugee seeking individuals, simply because through your epistemology and positionality you do not validate the psychological trauma they’ve been through.

In Acts of willful ignorance to the pain, and trauma, experienced by others you are psychologically abusive. Along with in a state of Terror from your unchecked Terror Theory response. Most likely, from early childhood development milestones missed in your Social, Emotional, and Terror Theory response.

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