Poor Thing, Sweet Daddy (PTSD)

‘Hi beautiful’ is what I normally wake up to. My husband says that to me every morning, unless he is down with his PTSD attack.

This is a topic that is difficult to talk about. My husband suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He’s not ashamed of it. I’m not ashamed of him. But people don’t understand. People are too quick to judge.

I wasn’t looking to make a video about PTSD. I’m not that brave. It just so happened that we are in the middle of an episode now and Hannah is old enough to communicate how much she misses her daddy. She calls out for him everywhere we go.

Despite all his silence and absence during his attacks, his presence and fun and love during his good days fill our love tanks to the brim. He is an awesome husband and fantastic father. We just have to wait for this storm to pass, not knowing when. That’s the hardest part.

Please don’t judge someone with a mental condition. Look on with kindness. Nobody ever asks for it.

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Musician: music by audionautix.com
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