Post COVID-19 Complications with Special Focus on Mental Health (6 Jun)

Key questions addressed:

00:00 Introduction
00:18 Introduction to Pascific
00:45 Introduction to COVID-19 and Mental Health
02:51 Outline of webinar
03:29 Traditional framework of disease treatment does not apply to mental health
05:19 How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected us mentally and emotionally?
09:22 Why is the COVID-19 crisis so psychologically challenging to handle?
12:50 Can the COVID-19 crisis be an inflection point for society?
14:11 No robust model for the COVID-19 crisis
16:56 Lack of understanding of science behind COVID-19 a cause for fear and confusion
18:10 Scarcity of resources (physical, financial, and information) a cause for fear and confusion
19:49 Emotional reactions of individuals to the crisis
20:29 Unhealthy and healthy coping styles of individuals to the crisis
21:21 Psychological effects of quarantine or lockdown
21:46 The Hedgehog’s Dilemma: The need for social cohesion during a crisis vs social isolation
22:46 Psychological and physiological stress of social isolation
23:41 The role of social support during this crisis
25:35 How can we manage the crisis as a community?
27:38 Psychiatric management for COVID-19
28:01 Pre COVID-19 management
29:54 Psychiatric effects during COVID-19 infection (e.g. COVID-19 psychosis)
34:30 Psychiatric effects of post COVID-19 infection
37:17 Stress of COVID-19 and suicide
39:37 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
41:37 Post traumatic growth
46:07 How can parents help children cope with this social isolation?
48:24 Should digital devices be given to children to help them cope during this period of social isolation?
50:32 How do you allay the anxiety of contracting COVID-19 for elderly people?
53:36 What should patients with pre-existing psychological conditions (e.g. schizophrenia, bipolar) do in the event of COVID-19 infection?
55:02 COVID-19, insomnia, and the dangers of sleeping pills

Pascific, as a part of its ongoing awareness program, is pleased to organize its third webinar on post-COVID complications with emphasis on mental health.

This symposium will be addressing general clinical trends in patients with post-COVID infection and psychological issues.

Some commonly asked questions include:
– Is there any impact on mental health post COVID-19 infection?
– Can the medicines prescribed for COVID-19 induce psychiatric complications?
– How to identify and prevent or treat psychological changes post COVID-19 infection?
– When to consult a psychiatrist?

Our Psychiatrist and Mental Health expert will help unravel the myths and highlight the facts of post-COVID infection recovery with the aim to advice the community on measures to be taken.


MBBS, Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (London)

Source: Youtube