Post COVID Symptoms | Post-Covid complications: Symptoms and treatment

Post covid symptoms can be seen around 1 in 10 people after covid19 infection. Among all the post covid symptoms or post covid syndrome or post corona symptoms or post covid complications or post covid problems most common are post post covid cough, post covid fever, post covid headache, post covid chest pain, post covid heart problem, post covid lung disease , post covid mental health problems, post covid weakness, post covid fatigue, post covid muscle joint pain.
In this video Dr. Banerjee explains Post-acute CoVid Syndrome and Post CoVid Syndrome with explanation on Covid-19 Recovery steps, post covid exercise and post covid diet.

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00:00 – What is Post Covid Syndrome
01:14 – Post Covid Symptoms
02:00 – Post Covid Cough
02:45 – Post Covid Fever
03:20 – Post Covid breathlessness
04:10 – Post Covid Joint & Muscle Pain
05:04 – Post Covid Fatigue Syndrome
05:59 – Post Covid Mental Health problem (“Brain Fog”)
06:34 – Post covid warning signs
07:25 – Post covid recovery care & Treatment
What is Post-COVID Syndrome?
The term Post-COVID Syndrome is an umbrella term that has been coined to denote any symptoms that appear during the 3 weeks or after recovery from COVID-19 infection.

What are the post-COVID symptoms?
Symptoms are not limited to those with mild infections or those with co-morbidities , the young and healthy too, are experiencing post-Covid symptom. Some common post covid symptoms are: Post Covid Cough , Post Covid Persistent Fever, Post Covid Shortness of Breath, Post Covid Joint Muscle Pain, Post Covid Fatigue Syndrome, Post Covid Mental Health Problem (“Brain Fog”), Post covid Chest Pain and Palpitations etc.

How common is post COVID syndrome?
Around 1 in 10 of the coronavirus patients who tested positive for COVID-19 continued to be unwell. If the symptoms are seen for 4-12 weeks, it is called ongoing symptomatic CoVid, or Post-acute CoVid Syndrome and If Symptoms are seen more than 12 weeks, it is called Post CoVid Syndrome.The percentage is higher in people who had moderate to severe COVID- 19 requiring hospital admission.
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