Post-Finasteride Syndrome: Patients speaking out in the media

This video highlights past media coverage of the persistent effects of finasteride and the devastating consequences of these currently unresolvable health problems that persist and progress after stopping the drug.

Post-Finasteride Syndrome is the current term for a rare syndrome of devastating physical, neurological, and sexual health problems that persist and progress after stopping finasteride. The condition occurs primarily in younger men who have taken the drug to treat hair loss. There is currently no effective treatment.

PFS network is the largest patient-led organisation. Our objectives are to raise awareness regarding this devastating condition and support molecular-level diagnostic research in PFS patients. This will enable effective screening for those predisposed to this debilitating condition, and therapies for the many already suffering.

These serious and stigmatising adverse effects are poorly recognised. Young people cannot give an informed consent without knowing what they are risking.

Every person is valuable, and everyone deserves to make a fully informed choice with their health.

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We thank you for your empathy and support.

Source: Youtube