Post Toke Talk: PTSD w/ Citrus Sap Strain Review

I got chill vibes and more focus from smoking Cirtus Sap. These really nice buds you can found at Hollyweed907.

Citrus Sap has a pine fresh forest aroma with lemon zest. These buds have a THC of 21.22% and CDB of 0.2%. They were cultivated with love by Tundra Jane.

Smooth to mild hits depending on how hard you hit it. Tastes more pine like you took a deep breath in a fresh forest. There is a hint of lemon zest in the taste. Two bowls brings in the buzz! Three and more bowls will give you a focused high and relaxing chill vibes. This is something I would smoke to relax and do creative writing on.

I continue talking about PTSD and give a very non extreme example I thought of on the spot. I explain how a nonconsensual experience in the workplace can negatively affect the future of an individual. That includes future employment, everyday life, and intimate relationships. The body remembers trauma and reacts to any trigger that bring up the trauma. Reliving the trauma in some cases. I end up stressing out how awesome EMDR is in helping the body and mind recover.

I share, with very little detail, a small part of my PTSD recovery and how EMDR has helped me. Having dealt with very violent and extreme criminal cases in the military, EMDR helped me ‘reprogram’ my body to not react badly when triggered by them. I explain EMDR broadly because I will do an entire Toke Talk on the subject.

If you have PTSD, EMDR is a option, but please try counseling or other types of therapy. Find someone to talk to! A professional is best because of the confidentiality!!! There are a lot of people dealing with trauma and there are a lot of options to get better. You have to find what works best for you and never give up!

Good Bye and Stay High!

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