Post-traumatic Growth in Recovery Garret Biss and Monica Smith

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The onset of nearly all addictive behaviors in a person’s life can be traced back to some trauma they experienced in their life.

Fortunately, many people face trauma and are able to process it in a way that doesn’t lead to substance misuse or addiction. The secret to avoiding addiction might be found in the topic of Post Traumatic Growth.

We’re all familiar with PTSD — the symptoms of stress, anxiety, disconnection, fear, and loss that can manifest after a traumatic experience.

But traumatic events don’t HAVE to progress toward PTSD; some people find trauma has sparked growth and fueled meaning and purpose in their life. They experience Post-Traumatic GROWTH.

Join Monica and Garret for this presentation about PTG.

– What PTG is and how it relates to PTSD and Resilience
– Who is most likely to experience PTG
– The 5 key components of PTG
– How you can foster PTG in your life
– Why PTG is critical for recovery

Join Human Potential and Recovery experts Monica Smith and Garret Biss to learn about Post Traumatic GROWTH.

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About The Presenters:
Both Garret Biss and Monica Smith are certified in Applied Positive Psychology – The Science of Human Flourishing.

Monica is a board-certified recovery coach and the creator of the Twist on the Twelve Steps™ program.

Garret is an award-winning author, certified human potential trainer, and the creator of the Thriving in Recovery workshop.

Together, these two make an incredible team that can help you live into your potential and unleash greater happiness and success in YOUR recovery.

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