Post Traumatic Growth with the Trial Action Path (Find Hope and Resilience after Life's trials).

Post Traumatic Growth is possible with the Trial Action Path! You can find hope, resilience, and happiness after life’s trials. My mission is to help you find hope post traumatic growth and resilience after all trials and traumas. I can show you how to be grateful for life’s trials. I will share my story of how I survived the suicide of my younger brother and my childhood sex abuse. I have helped thousands of people as a licensed clinical social worker over the past twenty years. I will also explain how I developed my proven tools in my books that will help you become a symbolic Trial Tapper. I can help you TAP pain, find a positive path, and grow stronger after any trial in life.

See my story: “Find Hope After Life’s Trials (How I survived the suicide of my brother and childhood sex abuse). Link:

Audiobook 1. Trial Tappers Tapping Life’s Trials to Produce Positive Growth.

Audiobook 2. Trial Tappers Harvesting More of Life’s Trials to Produce Positive Growth.

First book. Trial Tappers Tapping

Second book. Trial Tappers Harvesting

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Please go to for more info on my books, audiobooks, and merchandise. I hope you can become a fellow Trial Tapper.

Our motto is…Trial Tappers, Tap Pain, Find and Path, and Grow Stronger!

The information provided by Hugh D. Watt, is solely intended for informational and entertainment purposes and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis, or treatment regarding medical or mental health conditions. Although Hugh D. Watt is a licensed clinical social worker, the views expressed on this site or any related content should not be taken for medical or psychiatric advice. Always consult your physician before making any decisions related to your physical or mental health.

If you are in crisis please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at: or 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or your local emergency services.

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